Review by Online Book Club

3 February 2019

Man Mission by Eytan Uliel is a discovery of beautiful places the world has to offer through the lives of four friends. It is the tour to distant lands to rejuvenate and rediscover what else there is to life. While on campus, the main character forms a friendship with Sam, a guy who he first assumed to be an arrogant brat. When he tours the Food Fair held on the campus alongside his newly found friend, they come up with an idea that will have an impact on them as well as their other two friends, Alec and Daniel, for ages to come.

Years pass without revisiting the conversation that was held at the Food Fair as each of the friends settles into their careers until one day, Sam makes a phone call to his long-lost pal. A ritual is begun that will last for years to come. In that very moment, both friends establish Man Mission! Their first trip takes them to New Zealand where a painful experience slows them down. This, however, does not deter them from similar future adventures. Daniel and Alec join the founders later on. Each year there is a new place to be discovered. From biking in Japan, river kayaking in Australia, touring the jungles of South Africa to chasing the northern lights in Iceland, Man Mission changes the participants’ lives forever. All these adventures happen amidst changing family dynamics that bring both joy and pain to the four men.

I found the treatise to be incredibly captivating. First, the author follows the thrilling happenings of the four friends’ Man Mission adventures while interjecting these with bouts of occurrences in their lives. That way I got a snapshot of their lives back home and still got a chance to get fascinated by what they had accomplished during their trips.

Each trip is filled with enthralling adventure, remarkable moments of humor, funny characters and some mentions of the comical ‘Man Mission Rules’. Additionally, every flashback included, that showcases the main character’s family life or that of his friends, presents a different side of the story that ultimately adds suspense to the book.

Every dialogue is skillfully designed to fit the plot. Sometimes the conversations are humorous, other times they are emotive or insightful. The book is also a candid account of a man’s viewpoint on many issues of life from relationships, marriage, fatherhood, career and everything in between.

I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed every chapter and every page of it. Any fan of books on travel incorporating twists of real life will love Man Mission by Eytan Uliel.