Review by Mamta Madhavan

18 February 2019

5 out of 5 stars

Man Mission: Four Men, Fifteen Years, One Epic Journey by Eytan Uliel is an insightful and fascinating journey of four men from Australia – Sam, Daniel, Alec, and the author – who decide to go on a week-long trip every year together. The Man Mission, as they call it, is an adventure and tradition they continue for fifteen years. The book chronicles the adventures and challenges experienced by these men as they get away together, and will take readers to some exotic locations and exciting experiences that will keep them glued to the book till the very last page. Whether it is the remote countryside in New Zealand or the Fijian beaches, or their trek to Machu Picchu and other exciting places, the author takes readers not only into their adventures but also how over the years they start working, get married, and start families.

The book captures their friendship, bonding, and camaraderie, and the author weaves their different lives seamlessly together as the friends seek a meaning and purpose to their lives while they travel together. Their traveling adventures also highlight their growth and discovery skills as they learn to live and adjust to the changes they experience while traveling and after traveling. The book is honest, simple, and straightforward, and it also reveals the lifelong bonding these men share in spite of the different situations they go through in their lives.

The narration is descriptive and detailed and that makes the scenes vivid. The narrative is also peppered with laughter and fun. It is quite interesting to note how four friends go through their everyday lives and break the monotony of their daily routine by going on annual trips to interesting locations and do something that is outside their comfort zone. The story is real and readers will be able to connect with the author’s words.