Review by K.C. Finn

18 February 2019

5 out of 5 stars

Man Mission is a work of engaging personal fiction written by author Eytan Uliel, which encompasses “Four men, fifteen years, one epic journey”. The tale focuses on a group of young friends who promise themselves a yearly taste of adventure, no matter where life leads them. In their younger years, the lads find themselves luckily escaping some scrapes and luxuriously enjoying others, but as the years go on the adventure takes on a new meaning. As they find themselves adjusting to their lives in the roles of husbands, colleagues, fathers and more, the trip becomes a symbol of how to reaffirm and redefine their manhood among the friends they know so well.

More than a tale about men or women, this is a book about friendship and its importance. Author Eytan Uliel writes with a poignant perspective reminiscent of Kerouac, reflecting on the human condition and the choices we make in our lives. None of these men fit the mold of what men are allegedly supposed to be, and he celebrates that difference and honors each one in their own way. Though some of their adventures are crazy, this a very real story about important bonds that are lifelong, and it is compassionately told from beginning to end. When we are struggling for perfection in our lives, Uliel’s expertly drafted prose and dialogue remind us that it’s okay to fall short of the ideal and pursue stability and happiness instead. Overall, I would highly recommend Man Mission to readers of all ages.