Man Mission Editorial Reviews

Review by Blue Ink Review

3 February 2019 As this eventful novel opens, two Australian mates decide to mark their arrival at adulthood by embarking on an adventure into territory neither knows much about. Labeling the undertaking, in a flash of machismo, a “Man Mission,” they blunder along a hiking trail in New Zealand, discovering that neither knows much about […]

Review by Online Book Club

3 February 2019 Man Mission by Eytan Uliel is a discovery of beautiful places the world has to offer through the lives of four friends. It is the tour to distant lands to rejuvenate and rediscover what else there is to life. While on campus, the main character forms a friendship with Sam, a guy […]

Review by K.C. Finn

18 February 2019 5 out of 5 stars Man Mission is a work of engaging personal fiction written by author Eytan Uliel, which encompasses “Four men, fifteen years, one epic journey”. The tale focuses on a group of young friends who promise themselves a yearly taste of adventure, no matter where life leads them. In […]

Review by Saul Behr

18 February 2019 5 out of 5 stars What do you get when you cross a Bill Bryson travelogue with John Gray’s Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus? The answer would be something pretty close to Eytan Uliel’s Man Mission, a captivating story of four men who develop an annual tradition of going […]

Review by Mamta Madhavan

18 February 2019 5 out of 5 stars Man Mission: Four Men, Fifteen Years, One Epic Journey by Eytan Uliel is an insightful and fascinating journey of four men from Australia – Sam, Daniel, Alec, and the author – who decide to go on a week-long trip every year together. The Man Mission, as they […]

Review by Jennifer Kaufman for The Book Self

9 July 2019 “The pick-up truck hurtles down a dirt road in rural New Zealand. In the back it’s just me, four loaded guns, and some kilo of drugs. I’m going to die, I think. And not for the first time today.” Well, that’s one way to grab my attention. It’s also the opening of […]